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I am exotik...

I am who I am, because another I can´t be! My life, following my artistic career, took me to many places of the world, where I encountered different cultures, characters and ideologies. Even since I was a child, music and dance have been part of my life. Even though I studied a different carrer at the university, in the end, life´s path took me back to entertainment.

About me: I am very perseverant, very determined to achieve my goals, I work hard for every project I work for and I am very flexible and creative. I speak three different languages and there’s nothing I like more than bringing innovative ideas to light.

My life as a stripper began soon after I turned 20, when I started dancing with a notorious male striptease group in my native town. During the next years I worked hard to constantly improve my shows, and more than that, I elaborated choreographic shows, Strip-Art performances as well as modern dance. I performed for internationally known show halls and I traveled in various countries in Europe and Asia.

If you want to know he rest of the story, you can read the exotik News.

My motto: "Carpe diem!"

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