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“Tease-Art”© is a new concept created by Riko and developed, as a project, by exotik. The “Tease-Art”© is related and comes from the striptease concept, but it defines a clearly different niche. Riko wants to point out the difference between “Strip-Art” (which he himself performed for many years) and the new “Tease-Art”© concept, which defines a softer side of striptease, focused on insinuating more that explicitly showing.

"In the case of “Tease-Art”©, states Riko, one doesn´t have to show anything whatsoever, on the contrary one has to insinuate feelings and emotions and put it all together in one unitary choreographic message accompanied by the adequate music."

“Tease-Art”© is defined as “the art of seduction expressed through dance and musical message together”, and, therefore, should not be confused with “Strip-Art” which is generally defined as “the art of undressing with music”. Although, it is true that it shares some common elements with the latter, the notable difference is that “Tease-Art”© reunites such a gran variety of elements, from all artistic areas, that it give it the possibility to be appropriate for any public.

This concept has been created as an opportunity for all those who share the same ideology, for all those who want to express their talents and receive gratitude for their work. In a few words you can define the exotik ideology as follows:

If you consider you are working, this is because you are not doing what you actually like doing.

If you want it...You can do it! If you can do it... Don´t doubt it!

If you believe you are worthy of something...Prove it!

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