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“Tease-Art©” is a concept, an ideology expressed through various elements that make up a unitary message: the dance, the music, the wardrobe, the stage and lighting, the dancers and the choreography, the artists and their performances, the anticipated reactions of the public and so on.

It is, in part, a return to the origins and essence of strip-tease, but also a progress to a vision of the future and the balance between the two; the use of new techniques and strategies only to revive some of the old ones. In a few words it can be defined as a complex show, that can easily be a revolution in entertainment.

I. Origins

“Tease-Art” © finds its roots in striptease but it defines a clearly different niche: If we talk about Tease-Art” ©, in the vision of its creators, ''Tease” refers on one hand to teasing as transmitting and therefore challenging to positive emotions; and on the other hand it refers to awakening the public’s curiosity towards the general message. And the word “Art” that refers to the variety of artistic domains that make up a Tease-Art© show.

Neither exotik, nor its founders, and consequently nor “Tease-Art©” have any intentions to criticize in any way or undermine Striptease or those performing striptease, we simply offer an alternative that can exist simultaneously, a new concept for those interested in being part of such a project, for those who want to prove their talent and qualities.

II. Tease-Art© and Strip-Tease

In the case of Tease-Art©, one doesn’t necessarily have to show anything at all, on the contrary one has to insinuate feelings and emotions and bring them together in a unitary choreographic message accompanied by the adequate music. The most important thing in this case is the message transmitted through all the elements, not necessarily focused on the body and undressing of a person on stage.

Striptease is generally defined as “ a dance show, where the performer sensually takes of his/her clothing in front of the public.”

“Tease-Art” © is defined as “ an ideology expressed through dancing and musical messages”; giving its origins, the erotic influences, focused more on insinuating than showing, are optional and depend on the circumstances.

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